Liposuction Breast Reduction: Reshaping Your Confidence and Comfort


Many women have a body type that makes them feel uncomfortable with their breasts. There are many different causes for this, but the most common is simply having too large of a chest. This can be caused by genetics or pregnancy and breastfeeding, which leave some women with an overabundance of breast tissue. Say’s Dr Lawrence Gray, the good news is that you can correct this problem with liposuction breast reduction! Liposuction breast reduction uses suction to remove fat from your chest area in order to reshape it into a more desirable shape, resulting in a smaller bustline that feels more comfortable and fits better into clothing while looking natural on your frame.

Your body is your temple.

Your body is your temple. You should take care of it, and you should be proud of it. When you treat yourself right, then others will follow your example. You don’t have to be perfect or even close; just do what makes sense for you and everyone else around you will benefit from that choice too!

How did I get here?

You know how you can just look at someone’s face and know that they are good people? It’s the same thing with breasts. Sure, some people have bigger or smaller breasts than others–but that doesn’t mean anything about them as a person!

When it comes to your own body, you might be wondering why your breasts aren’t like those of other women (or men). There are many factors affecting breast size: genetics, hormones, weight gain or loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding all play a role in shaping our figures over time. If you’ve noticed an increase in cup size recently but aren’t sure why it happened so quickly…you’re not alone!

What are my options for breast reduction?

There are a number of surgical options for breast reduction, including:

  • Breast reduction surgery. This is used to reduce the size of your breasts by removing excess fat and skin. The procedure may also include lifting your nipples to create an uplifted appearance that’s more youthful and natural-looking.
  • Breast lift (mastopexy). This procedure uses incisions around the areola (the darker skin surrounding your nipple) to remove excess tissue, repositioning it higher on your chest wall. Afterward, sutures or surgical tape are used to secure everything into place until healing occurs over several weeks or months.*Breast augmentation surgery can help correct asymmetrical breasts by placing an implant underneath one or both breasts using incisions hidden beneath clothing.

What does a breast reduction look like?

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of your breasts. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove fat, glandular tissue and skin from your breasts to sculpt them into a more natural shape. The nipple areola complex is repositioned higher on the chest wall, closer to where it would be if you were standing upright. The result is smaller yet more functional breasts that feel lighter and less weighted down by gravity.[1]

The goal of a breast reduction surgery is not just to reduce the size of your chest but also make it more comfortable for you physically.[2] This can happen when there’s too much weight resting on top of muscle tissue–which can cause pain in addition to feeling uncomfortable when wearing bras or other clothing items with tight fits.[3]

Liposuction Breast Reduction – Before & After Photos

If you’re considering liposuction breast reduction, it’s important to know what to expect during the procedure and how long it will take for you to recover.

Here are some tips on choosing a doctor, what happens during the procedure and how long it takes to recover:

  • Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring procedures. Your doctor should have years of experience and be able to show before-and-after photos of their past patients.
  • During your consultation, ask about his or her training, reputation within the community and any awards received from professional organizations such as ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Be sure they’re familiar with all aspects of liposuction surgery including cutting out excess fat cells beneath your skin layer down through muscle tissue all the way down into underlying bone structure before removing them through suction tubes inserted beneath your skin layer without causing injury!

You can have a better shape and feel more comfortable with liposuction breast reduction.

  • Liposuction breast reduction is a procedure to remove fat from the breasts. It’s also known as liposuction with breast reduction or “lollipop” surgery, because of its shape.
  • Breast reduction can be done with or without liposuction; when combined with liposuction, it’s called smartlipo┬« breast reduction (SLBR). SLBR removes excess fat and skin from your breasts while reshaping them into a more proportionate size for your body size and frame.*

You may be considering this type of surgery if:* Your breasts are too large for your frame and are causing discomfort or pain.* You have sagging skin that makes bras uncomfortable or unattractive.* You want smoother contours around the nipple area.* You’re tired of wearing loose-fitting clothing to hide an unflattering figure


If you’re considering liposuction breast reduction as an option for improving your shape and comfort, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure and how it could benefit you.

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